Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency

Offering ‘Carbon Trust Accredited’ consultants who can provide practical advice on energy reduction, with the technical ability for accurately assessing equipment efficiency and energy consumption including the financial appraisal of recommendations. 

We can assist with the development of your company Energy Policy and Energy Management Strategy and the design, specification and procurement of an energy monitoring and targeting system.

We also offer CIBSE Accredited low carbon energy assessors to compliment and assess the opportunities arising within your building infrastructure.

Energy efficiency assignments undertaken include:

On behalf of the Carbon Trust

  1. Light Engineering Sector Review

  2. Specialist Joinery Review

  3. Catering Sector Review

Gallaher ltd

Analysis and Justification of heat recovery from the flue of  steam boilers

Irwins Bakery ltd

Energy survey including analysis for heat recovery from their bread ovens and energy reduction opportunities associated with the process heating

Randox Laboratories ltd

Focused energy efficiency study across four sites covering energy management strategy and awareness incorporating refrigeration, heating, cooling, lighting and compressed air

Our service encompasses:

  1. Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessments

  2. Carbon Management

  3. Energy Efficiency Studies

  4. Technical Project Development

  5. Life Cycle Cost Comparisons

  6. Carbon Footprint Assessments

  7. Grant and Interest Free Loan Availability

  8. Completing Grant and Interest Free Loan Applications

  9. Project Management of Energy Efficiency Initiatives Implementation

What is the breakdown of energy use in your business?