Parliament Buildings, Stormont


With the Carbon Reduction Commitment now upon us, we are conscious that many of our clients must pull together coherent strategies to deliver a reduction in their carbon footprint over the short, medium and long term. Not only is this a financial imperative, but also an imperative from a social responsibility viewpoint as we move forward to a more sustainable future in an ever tightening financial environment.

We have been working in the field of sustainable development for many years and have advised many clients in the private and public sectors on practical, cost effective measures to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints.

We have extensive experience in working with business and public sector bodies to develop Carbon Management Plan’s, Energy and Carbon Management Strategy and indeed strategic plans to help manage the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Recent projects involving the specification, tendering and assessment and project implementation of Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Monitoring and Targeting Systems ensure that we are at the forefront of assisting organisations in the Public Sector with their Public Service Obligations.

What if manufacturing and public sector bodies could substantially reduce emissions and energy waste while improving the bottom line?

Our service encompasses:

  1. Carbon Footprint Analysis

  2. Energy and Carbon Management Strategy

  3. Carbon Management Plan

  4. Management of ‘CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme’ on behalf of clients

  5. Specification, Tendering, Assessment and Project Management of AMR and EM&T Systems

  6. Carbon Neutral Status

“Operating our business in a sustainable manner is one of the key challenges of our time”

Parliament Buildings (Stormont)

Specialist Sustainability Survey including CHP analysis, lighting and HVAC review and Energy Monitoring & Targeting System Recommendations

Carbon Footprint Analysis

  1. Label One ltd

  2. Gibson Brothers ltd

  3. Clairehill Plastics ltd

  4. Unicorn Containers ltd

  5. Commercial Print ltd

  6. Graham Asset Management

Park Avenue Hotel

Assisted in defining their Energy and Environment Policy and in their work towards receiving carbon neutral status