Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance

Our service encompasses:

  1. Steam

  2. Water Treatment

  3. Compressed Air

  4. Electrical Distribution

  5. Power Factor

  6. Voltage regulation

  7. Refrigeration

  8. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  9. Cleaning and Process Solutions

  10. Liquid Handler

  11. Carbonation

  12. Packaging

  13. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

  14. Business Justification

  15. Biomass Heating

  16. Combined Heat and Power

  17. Wind Turbines

  18. Ground Source Heat Pumps

  19. Solar Energy Systems

“Innovation comes in many forms, combining existing technologies in new ways will often create new solutions to difficult challenges.”

Assessment of Wood Waste as a

Potential Fuel Source

We provide an all encompassing range of advice and expertise associated with problem solving, plant optimisation, equipment lifecycle assessments and project feasibility studies for a wide range of processes. 

Technical leadership and project management

for a major blue-chip client to establish a fast-track production facility in Mexico. The project was a major innovation project which involved a new manufacturing process and a fast-track timescale for delivery in order to satisfy the market launch date

Strategic technical and capability review

of the packaging operations of a blue-chip client in the UK and Ireland. Responsible for technical leadership, project management and financial delivery of the £20m site rationalisation plan which delivered the closure of one facility and consolidation of the assets of the business into the remaining two facilities.

Major incident investigations

On behalf of Diageo Global Supply we acted as Independent Technical Lead into the investigation of the cause of a fire at the Roast Plant in Waterford, Ireland. Assessment and recommendations covered areas such as ATEX Compliance, Hazops, Cleaning Regimes, and minimum Automation Standards.

Feasibility assessments for numerous utilities and process optimisation projects including:

Greiner Packaging

Assessment of heat usage, feasibility and design of the heat recovery from air compressors supplying a local school with excess heat

BE Aerospace

Optimisation of energy performance including the design and specification for the replacement of a 300kW jig process heating system

Bombardier Aerospace

Optimisation of autoclaves including heat recovery opportunities and analysis of the associated air compressors and nitrogen generators