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Project Management

Our project management expertise extends across process and packaging operations in the food, drink, dairy, poultry and plastics industries.  In the public sector we have extensive experience working to satisfy the requirements of clients such as University of Ulster and the Health and Social Care Trusts.

From the installation of new HVAC or Refrigeration equipment, factory relocations through to retrofitting a heat recovery system on a spray dryer.

We ensure a timely project delivery at the minimum possible capital and life cycle costs.

Label One ltd

Factory relocation assistance including site wide power load assessment and electrical distribution design. Energy efficiency optimisation, construction design and management coordination, building control and factory operational layout

St James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin

Project costing, justification, specification and tendering of a £10.0m replacement control system

Diageo Global Supply

Replacement air compressors, driers and cooling towers with two SR10 Variable Speed Drive compressors and associated dry air coolers.

Installation of  an energy optimised 1500kW refrigeration plant using ammonia as the primary refrigerant and glycol as the secondary coolant. The system was specified to provide a high C.o.P regardless of the load conditions.

Blue Chip Client

Lead technical and project management role for blue-chip clients on several multi-million pound Research and Development Projects, taking projects to commercialisation/implementation stage.

Our service encompasses:

  1. Business Proposal Development and Justification

  2. Budget Costing

  3. Definition and Development of Project Scope

  4. Project Specification

  5. Resource and Timescale Advice, Planning and Control

  6. Tender Specification and Assessment

  7. Contract Management and Negotiations

  8. Project Co-ordination

  9. Construction Design & Management (CDM)

  10. Financial Control

  11. Installation Qualification

  12. Operational Qualification

  13. Performance Qualification

  14. Post implementation Assessment

SR 10 VSD Air Compressors

with integral IMD Drying