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Hot & Cold Water

Consumption Analysis

Power Analysis/Data Logging

We undertake detailed load and power quality analysis for clients throughout a range of sectors, to highlight inefficiencies, electrical quality or illustrate usage patterns within the building and large energy consumers on site.  Similarly, we have the in-house capability to log water consumption to determine typical trends, inefficiencies or consumption from hot water etc. 

On behalf of Invest NI and large Blue-Chip organisations we have undertaken technical and financial assessments of Combined Heat and Power projects assessing both heat and hot water demand against simultaneous electrical load.

Project assignments include:

Parliament Buildings (Stormont)

Assessment of distribution for a meaningful Energy Monitoring & Targeting System with a strategic energy monitoring vision, Power Quality Analysis and a Thermal Assessment including heat and hot water for a comprehensive CHP Study

Belleek Pottery

Electrical Load and Power Quality Assessment for Kilns and Compressed Air

Westland Horticulture Ltd

Load and Power Quality Analysis to assess the new 3000kVA Transformer and Compressed Air Utilisation

Our service encompasses:

  1. Electrical Load Surveys

  2. Power Quality Analysis

    Including Harmonics & Voltage

  1. Water Consumption Surveys/Logging

  2. Compressed Air Data logging

  3. Thermal Study

    Assessment of existing Thermal Plant

  1. CHP Assessment

  2. Optimisation of Building Management

    & Control Systems

Label One ltd

Power Quality, Load and electrical distribution assessment on existing facility.  Specified and negotiated NIE Supply for new premises and new electrical distribution with integral monitoring and power factor correction equipment.

Smilie Monroe

Power Quality and Load Analysis to ensure load optimisation  for a new NIE supply

Northgate Technologies Ltd

Power Quality survey and load optimisation surveys